The Man in the High Castle: 20 things you need to know about the Amazon Original Series

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19. If you like classic espionage tales, The Man in the High Castle is setting up to be quite the series!

Obviously, we’ve only seen two episodes of The Man in the High Castle so far. In those two episodes, though, the setting of a great spy story.

While its not exactly like classic spy shows with the main character investigating a case or trying to solve some mystery, The Man in the High Castle is so much more intricate than that.

In the first two episodes, we’ve already seen several characters who have no stake in the resistance flip sides and begin working against the Nazi and Japanese regimes. We’ve also been introduced to at least one double agent, working both sides of the equation, and after those two episodes, we’re still not sure which side they are actually serving.

It’s hard to give much detail without spoiling anything because several people are just hearing about the series for the first time. However, if you like spy shows and movies, The Man in the High Castle should definitely peak your interest.

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