The Man in the High Castle: 20 things you need to know about the Amazon Original Series

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1. The Man in the High Castle is based on Philip K. Dick’s novel of the same name

It’s true! This story was not exactly dreamed up by creator Frank Spotnitz.

The Man in the High Castle was written by Philip K. Dick and released in 1962, the year the story is set. The book is an alternate history story of what America would have been like had the Allies lost World War II to the Axis powers.

According to reports and interviews, Dick was inspired to write the story after reading Ward Moore’s Bring the Jubilee, which was released in 1952. Bring the Jubilee is an alternate history account of the American Civil War.

While the name remains the same and premise is similar, Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle is very different than the book, which I will get into shortly.

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