The Man in the High Castle: 20 things you need to know about the Amazon Original Series

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15. The Man in the High Castle brings the violence

The Man in the High Castle might be the most violent Amazon original series so far, and it has to be to sell the show to the audience.

So far, we’ve only seen the first two episodes, so I won’t spoil anything for the people who haven’t seen it yet. But, there is some scenes that are hard to watch, quite frankly.

Obviously, the series is a representation of what life would be like if the country was controlled by the Nazis and Japanese directly after World War II. As we know from history, the Nazis and Japanese armies were very brutal in their techniques of torture, execution, forced labor, etc., along with the mass killings, genocide, and other horrible crimes.

To create a somewhat realistic dystopia where this whole situation could be possible, the creators had to make the show violent, brutal, and hard to watch at times. Without doing so, the creators would rob the audience of making their own decisions about how to feel.

Would we suspend our disbelief if the show wasn’t violent? Of course not, and that would bring us out of the story world.

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